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Power Crystal Plus (HB-A10-2)
Stylish mobile power
Product Features
nova nova
Keeping with the classic Crystal design with an unique metal frame around the body
High compatibility, supporting 95% of smartphones
Can charge a PC tablet
External Buttons and Connectors
Product Dimension


Micro input5V/1A(Max.)(5000mAh)  5V/1.8 A(Max.)(7000mAh/12000mAh)

Output1 1:5V/1 A(Max.)

Output2: 2:5V/2.4 A(Max.)
(Total power <12W when both outputs are enabled simultaneously)

Charging patternPlug and charge, without the need to press the button

ButtonFor power indication only

Power displayShown by 4 LED lights, each representing 25% of power