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MiLi Power Spring4 (HI-C23)
iPhone 4/4S portable battery cover case
Product Features
Fully enclosed external battery case for iPhone4, with a patented top flip cover. 2-in-1 protective case and battery, improving the iPhone’s battery life.
Audio opening, preserving the sound quality from the iPhone4. Can sync the phone with iTunes using a data cable without removing it from Spring4.
External Buttons and Connectors
Product Dimension
Product specs-1     Product specs-2  
Capacity:   1600mAh   Capacity:   2000mAh
Input:   DC5V/0.5A   Input:   DC5V/0.5A
Output:   DC5V/0.5A   Output:   DC5V/0.5A
Self-charging time:   3.6 hours   Self-charging time:   4.5 hours
Standby time:   360 hours   Standby time:   450 hours
Talk time:   6hours on 3G
13.3hours on 2G
  Talk time:   7.5 hours on 3G
16.5 hours on 2G
Internet use:   6 hours on 3G
10.6 hours on Wi-Fi
  Internet use:   7.5 hours on 3G
13.3 hours on Wi-Fi
Audio playback:   36hours   Audio playback:   45 hours
Video playback:   10.6hours   Video playback:   15 hours
Dimensions:   124*65*18mm   Dimensions:   124*65*18mm

How to charge the device

  Connect the USB2.0 connector of the charging cable to the computer or adapter, and the other end to the mini USB input port of Power Spring4.


How to charge the phone

  Fit the phone into the Apple dock and press the button. When the phone displays the charging icon, it shows that it is charging.